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Sponsor Blog

EPIC2015 Sponsors are global leaders in people-centered research and innovation. In these articles, they share key ideas, approaches, and case studies about what they do and how they do it.


Technological Raison D’être: Moving Beyond the Cynical Present

Liubava Shatokhina, Gemic

“Instead of merely helping companies to adapt technologies to current practices of “real people,” we need to be the ones who articulate technological philosophies that resonate with emerging narratives and shared imaginaries.”


Using Business Anthropology for Strategic Cost Reduction

Andreas Wester Hansen, ReD Associates

“Cost reduction is still done inside-out in most companies. Business anthropologists can increase the likelihood that cost reduction programs will succeed by taking an ‘emic’ position.”



Bring Back the Bodies

Simon Roberts, Stripe Partners

“The potential to use technology to support fieldwork becomes increasingly appealing. But the body – that most simple and obvious, but powerful of technologies – is often missing from these discussions.”


Same Findings, Different Story, Greater Impact: A Case Study in Communicating Research

Mabel Chan, Salesforce

“How might thoughtful communication design up the ante on your next research project?”



Bridging the Gap between Ethnographic Practice and Business

Chris Massot, Claro Partners

“‘Insights are not enough’. This is our reminder that there is a gap between gathering insights, leveraging them to build a true understanding, deciding what to do about it, and ultimately driving the top or bottom line.”


The Enterprise, On the Go: Exploring Mobile Work Practices at IBM

Christine T. Wolf, IBM Research

“As we tackle the demands of the enterprise on the go, we are using ethnographic insights to further and deepen our understandings of what “mobile work” means today.”


The Future of Anthropology: EPIC/AAA Partnership

Ed Liebow, American Anthropological Association

“’I have just seen the future of anthropology,’” I said to anyone and everyone who asked me about the first EPIC, held in 2005 at Microsoft’s Seattle area campus.”



BarnRaise: IIT Institute of Design Creates Systemic, Transdisciplinary Collaborative Models

Roxanne Knapp, IIT Institute of Design

“Our faculty teach methods and frameworks that support an emerging kind of design, one in which designers coordinate relationships between systems and foster conditions in which ecologies can grow.”