São Paulo, Brazil / October 5-8
Hotel Tivoli

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Powered by Pecha KuchaPechaKucha (pronounced: “peh-cha-ku-cha”) presentations are captivating performances of 20 image-rich slides that show for 20 seconds each. They convey insights about ethnographic work that are unique and profound—they offer some of the most memorable moments of the conference for EPIC attendees. Submissions are blind peer reviewed for originality, passion, point of view and relevance to the EPIC2015 theme: building bridges.

Session 1:
Curated by Nora Morales • Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana, Cuajimalpa

Postal Poetry: The Significance of Stamps
Alexandra Mack • Pitney Bowes

Marketing the Anthropology of Ice Hockey
Emilie Hitch • Thinkers & Makers

Myths and Facts about the Sharing Economy Promise in Emergent Countries
Nora Morales • Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana, Cuajimalpa, & Dora Rodríguez

Digital Love Anomalies: Putting Function before Form
Derek Kopen • SapientNitro & Julie Capron • Manifest Digital

Eat Your Heart Out!
Renu Zunjarwad • Arizona State University

Session 2:
Curated by Molly Stevens • SocialCode Inc

The Other Sides of a River
H.D. Mabuse & Haldée Lima • CESAR

The Sportcaster Voice as the Main Emotional Link between Fans and the Experience
Mauricio Guadarrama Bazante • Insitum

“Right in the Middle”: An Experience of Women Reconciliation within the D.I.Y Movement
Andrea Morales Moreno • Metropolitan Autonomous University

Empathy without a Face: Is Ethnography Effective in the Absence of Participant Photographs?
Elizabeth Baylor & Marina Kobayashi • Google

Session 3
Curated by Fabiano Braga • Insitum

Mardi Gras: A Gift Economy
Hal Phillips & Meg Kinney • Bad Babysitter

DataTaxi: Applied Ethnography for Connecting the Feeling of the Streets and Communication Messages
Sergio Silva • nova/sb

The Incas and Mayans Did It, Now We Do It
Joanie Jochamowitz-Endersby • INSITUM

Cyberurbans and Intermediaries: New Individuals in Focus
Luciana Terceiro • UOL

An Ethnographer Goes to Career Day
Carrie Yury • Beyond Curious