São Paulo, Brazil / October 5-8
Hotel Tivoli

EPIC is the premier international gathering on ethnography and design in the business world.

EPIC will celebrate its 10th anniversary by crossing the equator for the first time. Building Bridges reflects the diverse connections among people, places, industries, and disciplines at the heart of ethnographic praxis. São Paulo invites us to examine the ways in which ethnography and design have affected and been affected by complicated dynamics of social, economic, political, and cultural flux. It highlights the needs and opportunities to build bridges—north-south, east-west, poor-rich, developed-developing, large-small, fast-slow, traditional-transcendent, all together. Please join us!



Elizabeth Churchill ~ Director of UX, Google

“The work of methods in our community will be increasingly relevant as we see more ‘smart’ sentient devices and embedded computation…the shape of social connection between people is changing. Understanding these changes is why we need people with deep ethnographic skills.”


Luis Arnal ~ CEO, INSITUM

“Ethnography is an invaluable method for any organization… As more companies work on the delivery of research and its effectiveness, the value and relevance of ethnographic research to the bottom line and the organization’s competitive advantage will become more and more widespread.”


Luciana Aguiar ~ Private Sector Partnerships Manager, United Nations Development Program

Brazil’s recent socioeconomic transformations raise fundamentally anthropological questions about the statistical data and how ethnography can guide industry to embrace multiple peoples and realities.